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18 September 2007 @ 11:07 pm
September 18 is here! Time to put on the mod hat!  
NaNoWriMo Preparations!

Now that i've gotten everybody's attention with the shiny---Come October 1st, NaNoWriMo community rules are in effect and I'm making some chief changes to the layout of this community.

1. Please, please, please introduce yourselves! Also, if you're an ML, please let everyone know your area! (I'd like to know these myself!)

2. Feel free to announce write-ins, kick-off parties, and lectures, regardless of whether you're an ML or not.

3. Icon posts are welcome, but for the dial-up users please only 3 worksafe icons for teasers and lj-cut the remainder of the post. Also indicate if there non-worksafe icons in your post, and also if more than half of your icons are animated or if you post a HUGE batch of icons, please also indicate that the post is "not dial-up friendly". If you don't know how to make an LJ-cut go here.

4. Please please please for the sanity of our friendlists, post any whining about NaNoWriMo forum crashes to the post I will be making on Sept 30th.

5. This year we will be implementing the tags system.

6. Also this year, I will be getting this community a little more active, I hope. Come on! We're all writers here. Starting October 1st, there will be:
-an intro post form
-a sub-regional board(so you can locate fellow genre writers and groups among other things before this all starts)
-exercises and competitions to get your ideas flowing (this is optional to participate in, but it gets the blood rolling--there may or may not be prizes and voting involved)
-tips and tricks! (both from the "No Plot? No Problem!" set and other places)
-plot/idea feedback days

Once November rolls around... (these are optional to participate in but are always fun to x-post)
-word count check in posts
-"look at what i've written" posts

and non-participatory, but inspirational: inspirational quotes and the "no plot? no problem! inspiration packets.

Side Notes
1. I'm looking for affiliates. If anyone has a community that they would like to be added to the friend-of-related-regional lists on the info, let me know.

2. Promote this community to your flist when it gets closer to Oct 1 and Nov 1.

3. I'm looking for graphics makers!